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Why subscribe to an investment newsletter? 
The main purpose of most investment newsletters is to help you make money from share investment. Publications like TrendWatch deliver a stream of investment recommendations, and they stand or fall by their success in delivering results. You can get investment ideas from newspapers, magazines, brokers and so on; but tips from these sources are normally incidental to the function of the the publication (for example, the main purpose of newspapers is the reporting of the news by journalists). Such tips will rarely be as profitable as in-depth research by dedicated company and market analysts. Indeed, they are likely to lose you money.

Why subscribe to TrendWatch?
There are so many reasons:

TrendWatch has an exceptional track record. Over 30 of our past recommendations have more than trebled. Four of these have quadrupled; five have risen fivefold; one has risen six-fold (Bloomsbury Publishing); one ninefold (Amstrad) and one has risen 10-fold (ARM Holdings) [all figures correct as at May 2012].

Admittedly current market conditions are making everyone's life more difficult. Even so, we have never failed to outperform the market by a wide margin.

Sounds interesting. Tell me more.
• TrendWatch is primarily aimed at the private investor. As such, it's written in a friendly and easily accessible style, with the minimum of technical jargon. Yet it doesn't insult your intelligence by dumbing down.

• TrendWatch's recommendations are based upon unique, advanced computer software that identifies share price trends, in combination with in-house computer databases of other technical and fundamental factors. This approach has proved to be outstandingly successful.

• Our objective is to outperform the benchmark FT All-Share index. Since 1995, as mentioned above, we've never failed to outperform our benchmark by a big margin.

• The main 16-page edition of TrendWatch is published every four weeks - but we also give you three Weekly Updates during each four week period to keep the uptrend and downtrend lists current.

• Each issue gives you six carefully-researched 'buy' recommendations, a minimum of 75 a year. It covers virtually all the shares listed on the London Stock Exchange (currently over 3,000) including investment trusts and warrants.

I'm sure other newsletters claim to be just as good as you say you are. What makes you better than them?
Frankly, there's no comparison, as you'll see when you join us.

If you've seen other newsletters, you'll agree that it's fair to characterise the vast majority as 'tip sheets'. While TrendWatch also recommends shares, that's only part of what we do.

Probably the most prized of all the information packed into each issue is our list of shares in uptrend and downtrend. So far as we know, this information is unique in the world.

Why are your lists such a big deal? 
It's self-evident that the only way to make money out of anything - be it shares, cars, houses, widgets... anything... is to buy low and sell high. It's so obvious that people tend to lose sight of it.

With TrendWatch, you can not only see which shares are on the move (upwards or downwards) - we tell you how long they've been in uptrend or downtrend. The shares that most of you will be mainly interested in are those in the early stages of uptrend. That's the 'buy low' part taken care of. When the share breaches the stop-loss limits that we set, that's when the uptrend will have cracked. That's the 'sell high' part achieved!

If you're into forms of trading such as spread betting, futures and options and CFDs, where you can make money on the downside, then of course you'll be very interested in the downtrend lists as well.

But surely this is wonderful!
Indeed it is. It means that you'll never ever miss the start of an uptrend or downtrend. But it's only fair to point out that relatively few of the shares in the early stages of uptrend will go on to record big gains. So, not content with giving you the lists, we carry out fundamental research on every new uptrend. We then give you a summarised opinion on whether you should consider buying the share, or give it a miss. The best of the bunch are researched in depth and usually become our formal recommendations.

You said earlier that there were many other reasons to subscribe to TrendWatch. What are they?
In addition to all those good things we told you about earlier, these are some of the other benefits you get with every issue:

• We monitor the performance of our recommendations in every issue. This includes a detailed valuation of the portfolio and newsflow relating to our recommendations, such as results, trading updates and other press releases.

• A leading article that alerts you to the most important factors that are moving markets, either up or down. You don't have to wade through acres of newsprint to keep up with what's going on. If you need to know, we'll tell you.

• We monitor which London Stock Exchange sectors are hot, and which ones you should steer clear of. Most of our recommendations are from the 'hot' sectors.

• We monitor other world stock markets. If international markets are rising, we tell you how to take advantage by recommending the best-performing specialist investment trusts or warrants. 

This all sounds terrific - but what's it going to cost me?

Just £29 per month!

You'll find more details here...