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If anyone says anything complimentary about TrendWatch in written form (letter or e-mail), we will record it here anonymously. We do not include nice things said on the telephone as we would have no written record of that.

If you would like to check out any particular testimonial(s), we will approach the testimonial writer to see if he or she is prepared to disclose their address or telephone number. If so, you may then contact them.

"...a big thank you. In my first week as a subscriber to TrendWatch, I made a profit large enough to cover my first two years subscription (Tanfield). As they say in these parts, ye cannae whack it!" (V.T. East Lothian, February 2007)

"Brilliant publication!" (D.M. Rotherham, September 2004)

"I have been following [the recommendations in my first 4 issues] on my computer portfolio with an imaginary £1,000 per share at your stated price and so far, i.e. within a month and a half, I would have made a profit of £2,000 over a hypothetical investment of £12,000... PS I showed a copy of TrendWatch to a good friend of mine for his comments. He was very impressed with the depth of research. Watch out, he may be a customer for you." (A.C. Reading, January 2006)

"Thank you for your publication. I subscribed just at the beginning of December and I am really enjoying it. I can't wait for the next issue. Thanks again for a great publication." (T. S. Tunbridge Wells, January 2008)

I am really enjoying my subscription to your superb and most informative publication." (W.J.C. SW London, October 2005)

Your reports are excellent and very informative... You seem to be gifted with words and special writing skills that keeps the reader on his toes until he finishes reading your whole report." (R.S. Southall, April 2006)

"Thanks again for an excellent publication. It's great to see a publication about investment that isn't afraid to call attention to the bad practices and poor deals that we have been getting from the financial services sector for so long... Having decided to try to make my own investment decisions, I am finding that TrendWatch is helping me to keep afloat." (H.D. Bristol, January 2003)

"As a subscriber of only a few weeks so far I am impressed with everything. I have tried [a named competitor] in the past and got fed up as they would tip a stock and, if it crashed (as it often did), they never mentioned it again, brushed it under the carpet. I lost a load of cash. I like the fact that you seem to put all your tips onto your portfolio and seem to stick with your readers - giving constant updates on what's going on as if we are all in this together." (J.N. Surrey, October 2007)

"I value TrendWatch a lot. It is the first time in many years' share dealing that I am doing well, thanks to you!" (J.C. Devon, February 2005)

"I think TrendWatch is an excellent publication. Best of luck with your novel approach. It has been refreshing to read... especially as it is not a copycat of other publications" (A.B. Ceredigion, August 2007)

"It's a great newsletter... keep up the excellent work" (B.C. Ilford, November 2005)

"I remember in the past you said that a skilful investor could make 15%-20% per annum but your recent recommendations have done exactly that much in 2 months! Your stock picking skills are excellent and your research is brilliant. Your Plus markets and BPRG tips were nothing short of the work of a genius - you are clever at finding companies that have something in the pipeline... If it was just luck or coincidental then you wouldn't have the returns we are seeing over such a long period of time." (N.M. Watford, February 2006)

"Keep up the good work on TrendWatch. I really enjoy the thought-provoking articles in the magazine" (P.B. Portugal, May 2008)

"I would be grateful if you would e-mail the newsletter to me. This is a brilliant publication and I should have it sooner rather than later" (L.O. Jersey, June 2004)

"I have been a TrendWatch subscriber for a while now and I really think it is a great publication" (A.P. Cambridge, January 2008)

"Many thanks for providing us subscribers with such a rewarding and informative newsletter. Keep up your excellent work!" (S.C. Isle of Man, May 2006)

"Brilliant read again this week - thanks once again!" (R.B. France, September 2009)

"Am eagerly awaiting the next edition... TrendWatch is my main plank for investing, together with ShareScope. Keep up the good work." (R.B. Middlesex, March 2006)

“I like TrendWatch, which I think has more integrity than any such publication I have read or seen.” (J.H. Suffolk, July 2003).

“A great service.” (P.W. Guernsey, January 2009)

"Over the period I have taken [TrendWatch], I have enjoyed reading it and have acted on your advice a number of times. I am very pleased to say that on most of them it has been profitable. Thank you for an excellent publication and I hope you continue with the good work in the future". (K.B. Barnsley, November 2006).

“I would like to assure you how invaluable your articles have been to me, particularly as I am not from a financial background...it has given me a whole new vision and enthusiasm... Overall, I have made substantial profits. I consider myself to have been particularly lucky to have come in contact with TrendWatch first as opposed to any other magazine like RHPS or MI. Thank you very much for your recommendations. TrendWatch has worked well for me, as I am sure others too.” (J.S. Reading, April 2005).

“Over the year, I have enjoyed reading your newsletter, in particular your editorials which are excellent.” (G.G. Edinburgh, March 2006).

"Once again thanks for the excellant standard of your overall views and the tips. Keep up the good work. We need you!" (J.L. Devon, March 2007).

"I wish to applaud you for the excellent quality of your newsletter. You will be pleased to know that it has earned mw a lot of money. Enough, in fact, to pay my subscriptions!" (T.D. SE London, December 2005)

"Just thought I would drop you a quick e-mail to say how much I enjoy reading your investment overview. Very insightful. Any chance you could increase its length to about 10 pages! [the overview is currently about 1.5 pages - Ed.]. Many thanks and keep up the good work." (A.B. East London, June 2005)

"Thank you for Trendwatch, an excellent publication.(A.K. Wokingham, May 2007)

"Continue your great work - it is needed" (M.A. West Sussex, September 2004)

"Having been a subscriber since Oct. 2000 I'm sure you'll realise I have both enjoyed and profited from your publication... The risk/potential reward of spread betting individual shares had never occured to me - so a big thank you for your logical presentation of the possibilities... Many thanks for your excellent research..." (J. L. Devon, May 2006)

"Keep up the good work. My portfolio is doing well thanks to you," (A.P. Berkhampstead, September 2009)

"I've recently subscribed [to TrendWatch] as I was immediately impressed by its content" (P.C. Leicester, April 2005)

"TrendWatch is a fascinating read even in these difficult times." (J.L. Putney, February 2009)

"Thanks for a brilliant newsletter each fortnight - makes great reading" (M.S. Devon, October 2007)

"As a subscriber to your marvellous newsletter, would you please e-mail me a written receipt [for an investment club's accounts]... Keep up the good work." (S.P. Essex, July 2004)

"I will take this opportunity to thank you for your very profitable information. Long may you keep it up." (J.B. Manchester, February 2005)

"thanks once again for all those trendwatch reports of yours, they make fascinating reading." (P.B. Portugal, January 2008)

"Having spent the last two weeks battling with BT, it is refreshing to deal with a company focused on real customer care." (K.S. Bath, November 2004)

"...I love your publication, having had four issues and getting to know how you work. Please can you give me web access to the publication - I'm hoping to go abroad and would hate to miss out just because I can't read my paper copy" (A.W. Tunbridge Wells, August 2005)

"Thank you for sending me the last two issues. I have been most impressed with the amount of information you provide. I do intend to be a regular reader."
(B.B. Surrey, June 2003)

"I'm glad I found and signed up to TrendWatch - it's not overly complicated. Thanks for a great publication " (H.V. Brighton, March 2006).

"I am well satisfied!" (M.C. Jersey, February 2004).

"I have been meaning to compliment you on the quality of TrendWatch for some time. While the technical content is all important, I have to say that it is refreshing to read something so well written and well produced... Keep up the good work." (D.W. Kent, March 2005)

Many thanks for an excellent newsletter - Regal, Burren and Datacash have been cracking tips for me - keep up the good work!" (E.E. Pembrokeshire, September 2004)

"I have indeed enjoyed your witty and wonderfully informed comments in your excellent publication." (J.R. Swansea, January 2003).

"I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that I am extremely pleased with your publication, which I have found to be extremely profitable with 15 of your recommendations in which I have invested over this past year...Thank you for an excellent publication." (J.T. Hastings, October 2005).

"My grateful thanks...for the consistently informative editions of TrendWatch, the lead articles of which I frequently find the most interesting" (R.T. Rickmansworth, April 2004)

"I continue to be impressed by the content of TrendWatch. Congratulations on an excellent publication." (A.C. Renfrewshire, September 2004).

"TrendWatch is spot on! Keep up the good work" (B.L. Morecambe, May 2006)

"I have to say I am very impressed by what I see. As a holder of PTS [patsystems, one of our recommendations that trebled in value], I guess I should be happy! I look forward to a good fortnightly read." (R.A. Lincolnshire, November 2003).

"I would like to take this opportunity of letting you know how much I look forward to receiving TrendWatch, which to me is one of the best investment newsletters." (W.J.C. SW London, March 2005).

"Thank you for your superb efficiency... Many of your competitors could take a leaf from your book!" (P.F. Chichester, November 2006).

"If I had to describe TrendWatch I would use the words: excellent, instructive and invaluable. I subscribed to two other publications before yours, and used to read others on a regular basis. TrendWatch is the only one I will subscribe to in the future." (D.Y. Edinburgh, March 2002).

"Great article in this edition of TrendWatch about oil... Thanks - its a great read" (R.B. France, April 2005).

“I must say that I have been satisfied with TrendWatch. I have found it the most useful of all the tip sheets I have subscribed to, and I reckon I have subscribed to them all!... So thank you for producing a good publication." (M.C. Jersey, September 2004).

"I have found your publication to be a great help, especially regarding the definition of market trends." (G.J. Suffolk, January 2003)

"Thanks for an excellent publication. Not only is it an enjoyable and informative read but it has also proved to be profitable. " (C.F. Hampshire, August 2005)

"I must comment favourable on your publication. It is really excellently produced – makes it a pleasure to read. I am always encouraged to read your ‘editorial’ where you are willing to tackle issues within the financial sector that most publications would want to avoid. Good for you!” (H.D. Bristol, July 2002)

"I have been subscribing to TrendWatch for 12 months and am pleased to say that I have had excellent results following your recommendations" (I.G. Hitchin, September 2005)

"I am more than happy to recommend TrendWatch and your methods to friends." (J.M. Hertford, July 2004)

"TrendWatch serves me well - I open the fortnightly envelope happily, read every word with interest, and a significant part of your portfolio is always in mine - thank you." (D.M. Hertfordshire, April 2003)

"I am a new subscriber to your really excellent publication..." (J.M. Ashford, October 2005)

"Thank you for such a well presented newsletter." (K.B. SW London, July 2004)

"Also I wanted to compliment you on some excellent picks over the last year. These have been a big help in my trading... I'm also enjoying your editorial, sharp and opinionated as always, and the high quality research which evidently appears to go into the articles. Keep it up!" (I.K. Hounslow, November 2006)

"Superb publication!" (G.B. West Sussex, October 2005)

"I am always impressed with the depth of information supplied with every recommendation... How do you do it?" [Then later...] "Unfortunately, I will not be renewing as... I am not planning any new investments for at least the rest of this year. If it is any consolation, of all the many newsletters I have subscribed to over the past year or so, TrendWatch has been the best by a long margin". (G.S. Cambridgeshire, March 2004)

"TW is the only investment publication that I always look forward to and read with great interest and I am very pleased to see that you now include Exchange-Traded Funds. What with the inclusion of Robert Newgrosh's monthly column, TW has gone from strength to strength." (J.P. Twickenham, January 2008)

"It's a terrific and fascinating magazine." [...and later...] "Thank you for your amazingly prompt and detailed reply to my stop-loss query... having had a personal reply so quickly from a busy editor, I'm even more impressed by TrendWatch" (J.L. SW London, March 2003)

"I just love those weeks when I receive the latest TrendWatch newsletter.". (A.L. York, January 2008)

"I'm most impressed by your fortnightly publication, and I have just about re-structured my entire portfolio around it." (E.B. Grantham, March 2005)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your great advice over the past few years" (S.C. Isle of Man, November 2007)

"I've thoroughly enjoyed your newsletter to date and have invested in three of the featured opportunities. Thanks again for the... excellent newsletter." (A.S. Forfar, April 2005)

"Like many of us investors, I continue to admire the consistency and quality of the TrendWatch Publication." (H.T. Tunbridge Wells, February 2009)

"Due to your services, I may even be ahead / in control of my investments for once!" (P.C. Market Harborough, June 2004)

"TrendWatch is great!" (N.W. S.W London, May 2007)

"I continue to enjoy TrendWatch enormously". (J.L. S.W London, November 2004)

"I find myself in a position where I am unable to follow the market for the time being. Let me say that I found TrendWatch to be an excellent publication and very informative and my decision to cancel in no way reflects the quality of your publication. I certainly would be renewing my subscription sometime in the future" (S.S. East London, April 2005)

"I think my sub has come to an end. If so... I would like to renew it. Things have changed for me and, with more experience and perspective, I see that your newsletter is a rare work of genuine value to subscribers." (N.P. West London, June 2004)