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QUICK TOUR - finding your way around

YOU ONLY HAVE to glance through a copy of TrendWatch to see that it’s stuffed with valuable information, much of which you simply won’t find in any other publication. Let’s kick off with a quick tour so that I can tell you what features you can expect to see in each issue, why they are there and how you can make use of them.

Investment overview
You do not have to spend hours wading through acres of newsprint to keep abreast of crises or opportunities that may affect your financial health. If it’s important that you know about it, this is where you will find it.

London Sector Selector
Here, we identify the ‘hot’ sectors on the London Stock Exchange (those in uptrend) – and also the ones to avoid. Where possible, we give an explanation of why the sectors are in or out of favour.

Top-down and bottom-up buy recommendations
This is where we build upon the above analysis of sectors. ‘Top down’ means we first identify the strongest sectors, then pick the most attractive shares from those sectors. In general, it makes a lot sense to buy shares in strong sectors and avoid shares in weak sectors.

We give you six carefully-researched selections per issue. We try to make as many of these "top down" selections as possible.

Performance overview
This is where we keep track of our model portfolio, containing our past recommendations. If you’ve bought into our shares, you will usually get a nice warm feeling in your own portfolio reading about the biggest gainers since the last issue.

Turning points
Many of you will regard this section as by far the most important of the whole publication. It is inextricably linked to our datapages.
It is easy to see why it’s so important. Imagine a share – any share – that has, say, doubled in value. That rise had to start somewhere. The trouble is, we’re all too busy with careers or families to spot trend turning points. Before TrendWatch came along, there was no solution to this problem.

This is where you find our unique lists of shares in uptrend and downtrend.

The TrendWatch Barometer
A unique statistical by-product of our trend analysis. In each issue, we report on what percentage of shares are in uptrend, what percentage are in downtrend, and what percentage are indeterminate.

Sales recommended to date
Here, we record our share sales. Initially, you may be alarmed to see quite a few losses. Don’t worry – these are usually hugely outweighed by the gains in the current portfolio.